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Jumpstart Pro is a 6-month leadership cultivation program designed for young professionals who aspire to change and lead the business world. 這邊可以放一段 Jumpstart 介紹。

The One

  • Doers with problem solving mentality
  • Future leaders with entrepreneurial mindset
  • Impact makers

The Program

  • Self Discovery
  • Career Planning
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Storytelling

The Growth

  • Professional Skill Elevation
  • Industries Insights Acquirement
  • Talent Network Building

The Program

The 6-months training will cover 4 topics for you to Jumpstart your career

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The Journey

We’ll guide you through the 6-month journey with learning, leading and networking opportunities.

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To Start

2-day orientation camp, biweekly sessions and one demo day with mentors and key speakers

To Learn

122 hours of intensive training with x hours preperation to achieve 10x growth

To Connect

6 months journey and life time buddies from the Jumpstart hub

The Growth

Thrive and achieve optimal growth with critical skills and build relationship with industry talents

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Jumpstart Your Career

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