Jumpstart Program 致力於協助台灣優秀青年培養關鍵競爭能力,成為新興產業的未來領導人才。

Jumpstart Program 由一群新創領域資深業師及優秀青年創辦,藉由聚集台灣頂尖青年,給予其新創產業的業師資源,培養青年加入新創領域所需的能力,為台灣創造未來新創領域的國際領導人才。


羅荷傑 RogerCo-founder


邱彥錡 EdgarCo-founder

世界快速變化下,對人才的定義與需求也在改變。Jumpstart Program,因此而生。

鄭端儀 RosaCo-founder
The Talent We Want To Cutivate


People We Recruit

  • Problem solving & Analytical skills
  • Proactive leadership & Impact creating
  • Passion for emerging industries and companies

People We Transform

  • Leaders/ key members in a startup or emerging business (ex: founders or core team members)
  • Business leaders, in strategy, business development, operations or other critical roles in a large companies in emerging industries
Our Goals


Self Discovery
  • Facilitate Jumpstarters to discover themselves better on characteristic, potentials, individual power,…etc.
  • Enable Jumpstarters to have the ability to map out their own VMG (vision, mission and goals) by leveraging tools and frameworks


Professional Skillset
  • Train and cultivate Jumpstarters the identified professional skill set by conducting classroom session, real case study, and outdoor activities   
Industries Understanding
  • Equip Jumpstarters with the knowledge of emerging industries and businesses (i.e. mobile, internet, HWNSW integration…etc.) globally and locally by sharing sessions and networking events   
Global Exposure   
  • Provide Jumpstarters the access to global career opportunities and exposure by partnering with external communities, organizations, or corporations and internal virtual database   
The 4th Batch

Jumpstart Program


  • Application Open (5/7)
  • Application Deadline (5/13)
  • Interview (5/14-30)
  • Offers extend (6/3)
  • Kick-off dinner (6/19 week)
  • Orientation Camp (7/1-2)


Organizing Team


Edgar Chiu


Roger Lo


Rosa Cheng


Joanna Shih

1st Batch Member

Elaine Huang

1st Batch Member

Russell Huang

1st Batch Member

Glen Yeh

1st Batch Member

Jackfir Tsai

2nd Batch Member

Ray Wu

2nd Batch Member

Stephanie Tong

2nd Batch Member

Peggy Pan

2nd Batch Member

Raychard Huang

2nd Batch Member

Shi Shih

2nd Batch Member

Vivian Hung

2nd Batch Member


Jumpstart Program

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